Taberna Inn

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Live music: Last Thursday of the month is TILT (Taberna Inn Last Thursday). The singers and guitarists in our midst get together after the restaurant closes, and sing songs until midnight-ish. Usually these are well-known and singalongable.  To avoid repetition, we pick a different theme each month. At the time of writing, the next will be ‘Songs with the word ‘You’ in the title’



Occasionally, we may have a guest act along on a different day – if you would like to be that guest act, please let us know!


Railways: The owner has an interest in railways. Pembrokeshire was once heavily involved in coal and mineral mining. We can provide details of an interesting selection of days out in the county, exploring the routes of disused railways.


Coastlands Players: A local acting group meets here at certain stages in its rehearsal schedule. 


Functions: Areas of the Taberna can also be made available for private parties, meetings etc.


Singing: Do you sing in a church choir? You might enjoy a long weekend at the Taberna joining our parish choir practice on Friday at 7pm, our Sunday service (in English) at 6pm.

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